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About 3F UL Gear Backpack and Tent Range

3F UL Gear are a high quality manufacturer of ultralight weight hiking and camping products.  They are based in Xiamen China which is a port city with nearby Islands and mountains. 

The team working at 3F UL don’t just make great quality product, they also use it. Because of this they have been able to improve the quality and functionality of their range over the past 11 years.

Their product not only represents high quality and innovation it also represents exceptional value for money. 3F UL specialize in the design and manufacture of ultralight weight tents and backpacks. 

3F UL gear tents and the 3F UL backpack range will make your multi-day hikes more enjoyable by significantly reducing the weight of your pack.

Ultralight Hiking Essentials

3F UL Gear Tent Range

3F UL  Gear tents are some of the if not the lightest tents available. Their Lanshan 1 Pro single person ultralight weight tent weighs only 690 grams. 

This tent along with other ultralight weight 3F UL gear tents in their range is a pole-less hiking tent which uses your hiking pole instead of the traditional tent posts. Because of this and the ultralight fabrics used these tents can be manufactured extremely light without compromising on quality.

If you don’t use hiking poles when you go hiking then 3F UL Gear tents also have a great range of poled 3F UL Gear tents. Their Floating Cloud range use lightweight Aluminium Alloy poles to keep the tent weight down to a minimum. The Floating Cloud 1 single person tent weighs only 1343 grams which is still extremely light for a hiking tent.

To see the range of 3F UL Gear tents available click on the banner below to see pricing and specifications.

3F UL Backpack Range

The first place to start reducing the weight of you backpack is the backpack itself. When it comes to ultralight backpacks the 3F UL backpack range is the undisputed champion. Their QiDan Pro frame-less 56 Litre backpack only weighs 880 grams.

Most  of this frame-less 3F UL backpack range also includes pockets and straps for holding a sleeping mat. This sleeping mat is then used as the frame and also as comfortable padding and support for your back. If you don’t use sleeping mats then you can also pack the inside of you pack in a way that the contents can be used as the frame.

If you would prefer an ultralight backpack with a built in frame these are also available as part of the 3F UL backpack range.

Included in the 3F UL backpack range is the Trajectory 55 Litre 3F UL backpack. This 3F UL backpack has a built in frame and weighs only 930 grams. Not only is this pack extremely light for a framed backpack it is also available in two different lengths. You can also select from two different waist straps lengths making these packs fit like a glove.

More information on the 3F UL backpack range can be found by clicking on the below image.

Ultralight Weight Hiking Accessories

3F UL don’t just make ultralight weight tents and ultralight backpacks they also have ultralight accessories. This range includes hiking poles which are required to set up their pole less ultralight hiking tents and tent footprints.

They also have rain gear such as multi use rain ponchos and rain skirts. The rain ponchos can also be used as shelters making them a must have in your hiking backpack. Their rain skirts are quick and easy to put on as you don’t have to remove your hiking boots first.

Another great product available from 3F UL is their Titanium wood burner stoves. These stoves don’t require you to take heavy fuel canisters with you. Instead simply gather dry wood and leaves from around your campsite to use  as fuel for your BBQ.

To know more about these amazing ultralight hiking accessories from 3F UL click on the image below.

Best Place to Buy 3F UL From

There are a lot of places available to buy 3F UL from including the official 3F UL website, Amazon and Ebay. When looking for the best place to buy your 3F UL gear tents from or something from the 3F UL backpack range you will not only want the best price, you will also want security.

When buying from the official 3F UL website the website shows as not secure (as at 07/09/2020) and the pricing does not include delivery. With eBay and Amazon most of the sellers are simply reselling 3F UL gear tents and the 3F UL backpack range and making a profit. This in most cases this means you are not going to get the best price or quickest delivery.

Because of this 3F UL Online takes you to Aliexpress for checkout which most of the time has the best pricing for 3F UL gear tents and the 3F UL backpack range. This is because the sellers there are selling direct representing the manufacturer.

Aliexpress has secure payment, tracked shipping and in most cases free shipping to most countries. They also have buyer protection which only sees the seller get paid after you receive delivery of your item. 

This means you can buy online with confidence know you are going to get what you paid for. Buy direct from Asia and save!

3F UL Gear Official Website

If you want to learn more about the  3F UL Gear tents and backpack range you can visit their official website by clicking on the image below. It isn’t recommended to buy from their website instead by from them using Aliexpress. 

As mentioned above their website isn’t secure and their prices do not include shipping. When you go to checkout freight will be added making the price more expensive than buying via Aliexpress. You may also not have tracking information provided for your shipment and the buyer protection offered by Aliexpress.

Countries Shipped to

Because 3F UL use Aliexpress logistics to ship their products they can delivery to just about anywhere in the world. Countries shipped to include AU, UK, US, CA, DE, NZ, ZA plus many more.