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About 3F UL Gear Backpack Videos

A 3F UL gear backpack is not like any other tramping backpack. In most cases it will need a special setup due to the innovation used to get the tramping backpack weight down to a minimum.

This collection of 3F UL gear backpack videos will help take the guess work out of how to use a 3F UL gear backpack.

How to Attach Sleeping Mat to the 3F UL Gear Backpack

3F UL frameless tramping backpacks use a sleeping pad as the frame of the ultralight weight backpack. This allows the pack weight to be kept to an absolute minimum. Usually this pack weight is under 900 grams without the sleeping mat attached. 

If you are camping in a tent during a multi-day hike then you will need to bring a sleeping mat anyway. Because of this multi use concept you can save up to 1 kg using a 3F UL frame less backpack.

Theis on of the 3F UL gear backpack videos shows you have to attach a sleeping mat to the 3F UL frame less backpack. It also shows you how versatile the pack is with all the additional external pockets and straps.

How to Attach Waist Strap to 3F UL Trajectory Backpack

The 3F UL Tracjectory backpack is an ultralight backpack with frame. It is available is 3 different lengths and has two different size waist straps available. This makes this pack one of the best ultralight weight backpacks available. This is not just because of the ultralight weight but also because you can have it fit perfectly on your back and hips.

A snug fitting backpack will not only give you improved balance but it will also make the pack feel lighter. The most important part of an ultralight weight backpack or any backpack is the waist strap. The majority of the pack weight should be on the hips therefore the waist strap needs to be able able to hold the pack above the hips.

Because the 3f UL Trajectory backpack has two different size waist straps the above can be achieved. This one of the 3F UL gear backpack videos shows you how to attach the waist strap to the 3F UL Trajectory backpack.

Where to Buy a 3F UL Gear Backpack

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