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3F UL Tent Videos - Lanshan 1 Pro | Lanshan 2 Pro

Pole-less tents can be rather tricky to setup if you don’t know how. These 3F UL tent setup videos will show you how to setup 3F UL Gear single and double poled tents.

It is also a good idea to practice setting up your tent a few times before embarking on your hike. The last thing you want is to be caught out in bad weather having to learn how to setup your tent for the first time. 

These 3F UL tent setup videos show how to setup the Lanshan 1 Pro and Lanshan 2 Pro tents as well as the Lanshan 2.

3F UL Tent Setup Videos - Lanshan 1 Pro Tent

The Lanshan 1 Pro tent is a single pole pole-less hiking tent which requires a hiking pole to setup. It is a single layer tent so has the advantage of been able to be set up in the rain without getting the inside wet.

However to do this does take a little bit of practice. We recommend practicing putting up the Lanshan tent 1 pro as if it is raining. Actually no matter which tent you have this should be a good practice.

If you have a Lanshan 1 you can follow this video also. Just attach the inside tent to the flysheet first.

How to Setup a 3F UL Lanshan 2 Tent

This one of the 3F UL tent setup videos shows how to put up the Lanshan 2 tent. Before you depart for you multi-day hike it is recommended that you first attached the inner tent to the fly sheet in case of bad weather. 

This tent can be setup as shown with just one person however would be easier for 2 people to set the tent up.

How to Setup a 3F UL Lanshan 2 Pro Tent

The Lanshan 2 tent is similar to the Lanshan 2 pro except it is lighter. It is also a single layer tent which means it can be easily set up in the rain without the inside getting wet. 

Because of this it has a similar setup method as shown in the Lanshan 1 Pro and Lanshan 2 3F UL tent setup videos.

Tips Using a Tent

Below are tips which can be used in conjunction with the 3F UL tent setup videos. These tips will not only make your life easier but prolong the life of your tent.

  1. Always use a ground sheet or tent footprint. This will not only protect your tent but also keep it clean. Furthermore it will help keep the tent dry making it quicker and easier to pack up.
  2. Dry your tent out as best you can before packing it away. This will reduce the weight of the tent while you are hiking as a wet tent can weigh up to twice as much as a dry tent.
  3. Pack your tent in your backpack where you can remove it ahead of your sleeping bag and other items needing to be kept dry.
  4. Ensure you clean the area from any sharp objects before putting down the groundsheet. 3F UL tents are tough but sharp objects can still pierce through. Cleaning the area well will also protect your mattress.
  5. As tempting as it maybe to try and get a perfect pitch of your Lanshan 1 pro or Lanshan2 pro be careful when tensioning the ropes. They are high quality tents however ultralight tents are not going to be as tough as their heavier counterparts.
  6. If you are using your tent on a sandy beach use branches instead of your tent pegs. Dig holes and bury the branches with the guy ropes tied. If possible tie your ropes to heavy rocks of large branches.